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Pitt drops important game to USF

Pitt is beginning to look like they team they were projected to be. The Panthers(16-5)(6-3) let Dominique Jones score 37 and lost their 3rd conference game. Pitt once again couldn’t hold a lead in the game and lost 70-61. This loss now drops them to 5th place in the Big East and makes their NCAA Tournament chances even dimmer. With this loss I can honestly say that none of the Panthers upcoming games(Robert Morris, Marquette) are gimmes anymore. Pitt now has to fight for their season and save it.

Gilbert Brown dropped 25 in the losing effort, a career high. Pitt was without Jermaine Dixon due to a foot injury. This really hurt them on the defensive end as Jones was able to draw multiple fouls when driving into the lane. This was a bad 3-point day for Gibbs again, going 1-3 with 11 total points.

It is now gut-check time for Pitt. Another loss to an average team will make it tough for the NCAA selection committee to let them in as one of the 65 teams in March Madness. They have WVU on Wednesday and then Robert Morris later. These two games will make or break the season. Things are tough for the team right now and they need to spring back. Will it happen? Time will tell.


2 Responses

  1. I think it might be a little harsh to say that Pitt’s tourny chances are fading. If your fifth in the Big East your doing pretty well. Yeah you can’t lose too many games, but at this point of the season every game should be considered a must win. We’re more than half way through the season and in the middle of conference play.

    Up next you guys have the Mountaineers and they have been very inconsistent. There is a good chance you can beat these guys because WVU is very streaky, they will come out and go on a ten point run and then crap out and do nothing for five minutes. Remember this team almost lost to Cleveland State and this is the Big East Conference so anything can happen.

    • I agree with you 100% about the inconsistent play of WVU, but remember, Pitt has not been consistent to date either. Pitt beats Syracuse, beats UConn by 10 and then drops 3 out of the next 4. Now one was to Gtown but the others should be wins. Maybe I was being too harsh, but I’m so used to Pitt’s dominance of these teams in past years that these losses are getting old. Thanks for the comment.

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